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Room availability information for up to two years in advance. Advance reservation entry, inquiry, changes and cancellation. Has the capability for Group and Block reservations. Reports available include; Reservation listing, Occupancy projection (seven day spread, tentative & firm spread, rooms rented forecast), Print confirmation & deposit letter, Group reservation reports (history, arrival, reservation, spread, commitment, group & travel agent address list), print & clear non holds for today and print & clear regrets for today.


With or without reservations. Combined or multiple folios, up to nine per room. Multiple guests per room (up to nine) with up to nine folios per guest. Capabilities for group check-in. Automatic or manual assignment of rooms. Room maintenance holds. Automatic room status counts. Reports available include; print in-house guests, in-house groups, in-house credit report, "do not rent" rooms, print room, rate & plan changes, pre-blocked rooms, room tax & pre-list and print over-credit limit report.


Folios are prepared at check-out time, group folios can be prepared ahead of time if desired. Transfer of all check-outs to city ledger is done automatically. Folios may be reprinted as many times as desired. Departed guests posting to departed folios and posting of late charges. Has the ability to reinstate departed guests. Displays totals by outlet, department summaries, cashiers shift totals and in-house guests. Posts advanced deposit receipts and coupon issues. Reports available include; print balance, city ledger transfer by cashier, sequence balancing, sorted posting distribution, folios for all expected departing guests, group configurator, cashier end-of-shift and coupon issued/credit privileges.


Master files are kept on customers and customer types. Maintains membership master file. Performs account balancing verification.

Our applications will run on any DOS to Windows 8, unix, linux computer. No mainframe computer required! Stand alone or use AGL applications in any major network to fit your particular needs. We have been in business over 30 years and have an excellent support/technical staff.

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